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ALK Dynamic Range Analyte Control

Our ALK Analyte ControlDR consists of four different cell lines with a range of expression for ALK wild type and fusion proteins. Available now, please contact sales@histocyte.com or visit one of our distributors.

[HCL053]: ALK Analyte ControlDR (2 unstained slides)
[HCL054]: ALK Analyte ControlDR (5 unstained slides)
[HCL055]: ALK Analyte ControlDR (1 cell microarray block)

ALK Range of Expression

The ALK Dynamic Range product allows the user to determine if the ALK assay being used is sensitive enough for the use in the detection of EML4-ALK, NPM-ALK, or both.
Wild Type (WT) ALK is expressed at low levels and demonstrating it with an ALK assay is indiciative of the lower limits of ALK detection. In other words, if this can be demonstrated then the assay is sensitive enough to identify ALK fusions that are often expressed at low levels, such as EML4-ALK in NSCLC. The cell line in core B of our ALK Dynamic Range product expresses WT ALK and therefore demonstrates the assay's sensitivity.
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